Sand dunes, beaches, rainforests and the most amazing wildlife. Peru is an adventurer’s paradise and one of our top picks for incredible side trips.

Uncover Pisac Village

Getting here from Cusco is pretty simple. This small village

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Easy

4 Day Salkantay Trek

This might just be the most rewarding trek you’ve ever

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Intense

Rainbow Mountains Day Hike

At an elevation of 16,500ft, this is the incredible Rainbow

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Intense

4 Day Amazon Getaway

Located 140 km upriver from Iquitos Peru and nestled in

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Chill

2 Days at Huacachina Oasis

We spent 48 hours adventuring through the incredible natural landscapes

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Hands On

4 Day Lares Trek

Private and physically challenging hike coupled with history of Indigenous

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Difficult

Machu Picchu in 24 hours

Explore the beautiful Incan Empire in one day You know

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Chill

Discovering Salt at Salinas

Learn the history behind Peruvian salt manufacturing Curious to know

Peru | $$$$ | VIBE: Chill